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Gary Shumyla

I Help Sales Professionals Improve Their Presentation Skills

After decades of professional sales, I understand the issues salespeople have with public speaking.  In my talk, I deal with 10 specific skills to help sales professionals understand what they are feeling before they speak, and most importantly, how to use those feelings to give a powerful sales presentation.


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I Have the Experience You Need!

An award winning sales professional with over 35 years of professional sales experience and over 50 years of public speaking experience.

Gary began public speaking at a young age.  Over the years, he has prepared discourses up to 45 minutes long and presented these to audiences ranging from hundreds to thousands.  In his role as a sales professional, he has presented training, information, and technical seminars at industry events across Western Canada.

Started his sales career at the retail level and then progressively moved into the professional reseller/dealer level. He has successfully transitioned companies from educational/government markets to television broadcast and the film/video production market.  As the Sales Manager, guided a company to a "Dealer of the Year" award in Canada and won "Salesperson of the Year".

After leaving the dealer network, he moved on as a Regional Sales Manager for different professional video companies: Panasonic Broadcast, Optima Projectors and Harris Broadcast.  In these roles, he managed both channel and direct sales.  As a Regional Sales Manager, Gary has prepared and presented multiple technical and training seminars.  He has won multiple awards for his sales success.


Beside public speaking, he currently is the owner of GDS Communications, a Sales/Consulting firm in Surrey, British Columbia Canada where he represents products from around the world and sells to the television broadcast and film/video production industries.

As an experienced and esteemed public speaker, Gary Shumyla aims to deliver education and inspiration, mixed with a bit of humor, to sales professinals. Striving to make every event a memorable experience, he places a large emphasis on delivering valuable and practical content. Get ready to be inspired in an authentic way that leaves you ready to conquer your public speaking fears.

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It has been  my personal pleasure to be in attendance at a number of functions over the past ten years or so to listen to Gary Shumyla's warm personal platform speaking abilities as he introduces, identifies and develops his subject of interest . His conversational ability is outstanding as he skillfully demonstrates the importance of knowing his material so that it is absolutely accurate and convincing when presented to his audience..  Gary is an excellent teacher with a good supply of conviction and enthusiasm which always stimulates and motivates his listeners so that they come away from the seminar with a feeling that this was a really worthwhile experience for them.  

As a public speaker Gary’s ability is outstanding when addressing any size of audience.   Also, he is meticulous on any subject he is faced with, and his presentation is always first class, thorough, enthusiastic and enjoyable.

Colin Reay

I have listened to Gary’s positive talks and engaging presentations for 20-some years.  He is personable and conversational, enthusiastic and effective.  Succinct and accurate, always motivating, and always a pleasure to listen to.

Tony Bergmann

Lawrence B. Gowler

Real Estate Manager

Hallmark Canada  (Retired )

Gary Shumyla is an accomplished public speaker. He has good communication skills which help him to help his students to understand the topic that is being discussed. I have personally experienced his teaching ability and enjoyed his dedication to his  audience 

Wes Holmes

"Gary is a seasoned public speaker. He has decades of experience, and it shows. He breathes life into his speeches with great enthusiasm, all the while being natural and easy to follow. Like mastering an art, he knows how to structurally develop and how to be well-prepared for whatever subject he talks about. This all requires great focus, hard work, and passion - all things Gary pours into when he sets his heart on a task."

Kevin Yee

Contact Gary Shumyla

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(604) 218-3669

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